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by Angelik Fiona (sue_chan)
at October 19th, 2008 (08:00 am)

How do you feel about these?
by Angelik Fiona (sue_chan)
at January 21st, 2008 (05:32 pm)

I might be getting them for my kitties!

With this oen to connect the two together, siving them tons of safe outdoor space!



I might be getting these for my cats, but it'll have to be after income tax returns, cause they're pretty expensive and I'll need my returns to help me pay for them for my babies!

Post Pictures of your cats!!!!
by Angelik Fiona (sue_chan)
at January 21st, 2008 (05:22 pm)

Make a new post, let's see your happy indoor/outdoor kitties!!!!!

This is Seame
IMG_2525.jpg image by fionaaineduvessaIMG_2518.jpg image by fionaaineduvessathIMG_2235.jpg image by fionaaineduvessa 

This is Tinkerbell
thIMG_2260.jpg image by fionaaineduvessathIMG_2280.jpg image by fionaaineduvessathIMG_06701.jpg image by fionaaineduvessaIMG_2251.jpg image by fionaaineduvessa

This is Oreo Kisses
Picture012.jpg image by fionaaineduvessam_deaf0135898360e9532c4f05c52e1ec7.jpg image by fionaaineduvessa1177442525_m.jpg image by fionaaineduvessa704812668_m.jpg image by fionaaineduvessa

This is Snow Flake
IMG_2242.jpg image by fionaaineduvessaIMG_2232.jpg image by fionaaineduvessa

Tuxedo Mask is not in here, More of my babies to come soon!

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